About Us
The team providing you practical guidance on information security strategy

Organisational Information Security Strategy was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2017 to bring clear guidance to leaders looking to increase the security of information used by their organisations globally. 

With this unique combination of expertise in business and information security strategy, Organisational Information Security Strategy offers the world's first platform offering automated setting of strategy, matched to an organisation, with an associated strategic plan to guide its implementation. This leading edge platform gives organisational leaders tools at their fingertips to guide the selection of the most appropriate strategy for their organisation. Customised strategic plans can then be set to frame the delivery of strategic initiatives, specific for each organisation. 

Organisational Information Security Strategy has been formed in response to a gap in the market for highly specialised security consulting services, especially in the areas of strategic consulting and planning. I look forward to sharing our knowledge and expertise with you and ultimately making your organisation's information safer and more reliable as a resource so you can focus on simply being successful.

   Craig Horne